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Wednesday 24th April 2019

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SUBSCRIBE WEDNESDAY 24.4.19 WWW.IRISHGOLFER.IE .ie I know full well this is not the first time I have writ- ten about this subject… and I can assure you it won't be the last. Golf is an elitist game, we are reminded by Paddy Smyth in his recent article for And golf courses in Dublin City (Clontarf, Elm Park, and Mill- town) would serve a far greater purpose if they were plastered over with housing, according to the Fine Gael Dublin Councillor. Housing in the city is in crisis, he writes, and there is limited space for more housing, so surely the green spaces that are home to the three golf courses mentioned above could be used for more important things than people wearing 'implausible clothing'. Other cities (London, Manhat- tan, Paris) don't have golf cours- es in the heart of the city, says Smyth, and he believes Dublin shouldn't either. Ah yes, the usual claptrap of horse manure. Elitism, waste of space, more important uses… these are all arguments we've heard before. And, yes, those arguments are not without foundation in an economy that once again finds itself growing, people commuting from vast dis- tances and where a desperate need for housing exists. But what about the travesty that is this (and past) Government's housing policy, the 'sclerotic planning laws' (Smyth's own words) and the complete inef- ficiency and expense of public transport before looking at an aerial photograph and saying: oh look, green spaces… we could build on those. "In truth, golf is no more pop- ular in Dublin than any other Or not, as the case may be, writes Kevin Markham. GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND

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